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Kyoto with Teenagers – Part 5 (Kinkakuji)

The next morning came, and we were starving. So we walked a block to the nearest Lawson for Karaagekun and other breakfast-appropriate items (i.e., juice, chocolate milk, pastries, rice balls). I just can’t get over how absolutely convenient these Japanese convenience stores (“konbini“) are.

After breakfast, we took the free hotel shuttle to Sanjo-Keihan, then took the #59 city bus to Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavilion Temple).

They were letting tourists ring the gong for 100 yen/ring just inside the temple grounds. I got my teenagers to do this.

I’d been there at least twice before for the junior high school and high school trips. But this is the first time the temple was actually golden. In the past, the temple was either just before a re-surfacing, or in the middle of a resurfacing job.

I believe the temple was built as a summer residence and place of meditation for a rich person, rather than a place of worship for general citizens. As such, unlike other temples, Kinkakuji lacks a focal point for worshiping. Instead, small offering boxes are scattered throughout the grounds. We tossed some yens into some of them, and offered some thoughts.

Kakigori was enjoyed before we left the grounds.
Then we too the #59 city bus again to Ninnaji. According to the guidebooks, this temple boasts both magnificent buildings and impressive gardens. We were not in the mood to shell out several hundred yens per person to appreciate the gardens or building interiors, so we just strolled around.

Then we hopped onto a little train to go toward downtown, had a nice little lunch at a Japanese fast food chain Sukiya, then went back to the hotel for a nap.


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