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Traveling to Japan with my teenagers – 中高生の子供をつれて日本へ夏休みの旅行

(For the actual itinerary and travelogue from a teenager’s point of view, readers are encouraged to visit my son’s blog at

I’m planning on taking my two teenagers to Japan this summer. My parents live in Chiba, near Tokyo. This trip was originally scheduled for the Easter break, but had to be rescheduled because of the earthquake, tsunami, Fukushima nuclear incident, and subsequent uncertainties.

Right after the quake and tsunami, I asked my teens whether they’d rather meet up with the grandparents in Hawaii. I got emphatic NO’s. They really wanted to go to Japan. I had never thought of them as “cultured” people. I’d thought they would be just as happy in Hawaii or on a Caribbean cruise. But they really wanted to go to Japan.

I’ve asked my son to be the scribe for this trip. The blog link is near the top of this post. I hope this will be a great trip, and my son will be able to capture all the great sights and experiences we encounter.


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