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A+ for the attempt (visualizing the Fukushima data、福島原発事故データの可視化)

Most trade publications I get in my physical mailbox at work nowadays have at least a few pages on Japanese crises resulting from the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear accident. One such publications, Elements Magazine, had Rod Ewing’s Fukushima status report from the geochemical point of view.

Ewing’s article referred to these extremely busy, loaded, and rather informative visualization attempts for all the radioation data coming out of the vicinity of Fukushima (click on the graphics for full size views).

For those who have been following the Fukushima nuclear accident and subsequent crisis closely, these visualization attempts can be a great reference material. They incorporate the temporal, spatial and historic data all on one page. They are esthetically pleasing, perfect for printing out on a poster paper for an office wall display.


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