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Help them help her and other earthquake victims 寄付してください (After the Quake)

A four month-old baby girl was crying among an enormous pile of rubble when the search & rescue team from Japanese Defense Forces combed the area three days after the earthquake and tsunami. She, and her overjoyed parents, will remain homeless for the foreseeable future, however.


AP: A miracle tsunami baby was rescued 3 days after the Japanese earthquake.

A boy stares straight ahead into the future while being evacuated along with his family. The future he sees is uncertain.


Kimimasa Mayama/European Press Agency: A boy and his family were rescued by Japan's Self-Defense Forces in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

More than 10,000 are either confirmed dead or still missing. Those who did survive will soon begin the clean up and recovery while the provision remains scarce.


AP: Residents of Ishinomaki cooked on a makeshift grill in front of their damaged home on Tuesday.

Japan is wealthy. In several months, the country will be able to begin funding its own recovery through ordinary economic activities. However, right now, the victims have little food or necessity, and the infrastructure to deliver the goods remains crippled. Japan has to rely on the help from relief organizations such as American Red Cross, UNICEF, and Salvation Army for the time being.

Please help them help the victims, so that the victims can begin the long, difficult process of clean up and recovery.

日本は豊かな国です。何ヶ月かたって少し事態が落ち着いてくれば、日本の国内の普通の経済活動とそこから出てくる税金で被災者たちの人生の再建をまかなっていくことになるはずです。でも、災害直後の今は、避難所で必要なお米や毛布や歯ブラシ、それを運ぶための船や車や飛行機やヘリコプターの燃料、そしてそこで被災者さんたちの当面のニーズの世話ができるお医者さんや看護婦さんなど、すべてが足りない状態です。そんななかで、日本赤十字社アメリカの赤十字ユニセフSalvation Armyなどが、だんだん物資や災害救助のプロの人たちを送り込み始めました。これらの団体は、予算のほとんど全部を、寄付でまかなっています。だから、災害直後の今、寄付金がすぐにでも必要なんです。



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