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Shintaro Ishihara vs. Pat Robertson (After the Quake)

Shintaro Ishihara is a Governor of the Capitol of Japan. Meanwhile, Pat Robertson is a (albeit powerful) religious figure.

I read that Ishihara said that the earthquake was a punishment from the higher being. He reasoned that the Japanese people were being punished for their selfish greed and indulgent lifestyle.

This reminds me of Robertson after Hurricane Katrina. He considered Katrina to be God’s way of punishing those who were indulging in sins. He specifically mentioned the Casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as well as the “let the good times roll” lifestyle of New Orleans were what angered God.

Most of us who were affected by Katrina thought Robertson was being absolutely ridiculous. His statement achieved its purpose, though, as it generated increased donations to his religious organizations from those who agree. I am not certain whether he funded some disaster relief work with a portion of that money. But I do know that Samaritan’s Purse was quite visible during the aftermath and it was appreciated by people here. The Samaritan’s Purse people may have been judgmental and condescending, but they were helpful.

It was rather easy to dismiss Robertson’s outrageous statement as irrelevant, although it raised funds for him. However, Ishihara is the Tokyo Governor. His statement achieved nothing, unless you count hurting victims’ feelings as an achievement. It only signified his lack of compassion and lack of logical reasoning. Can a person without compassion and with ridiculously skewed sense of cause and effect lead the vast population of Tokyo through this compounding crisis? I do not believe so. I hope Tokyo finds a leader with logical reasoning skills and abundant compassion.

I hope the current nuclear crisis ends soon. The people of Japan need to be able to start the recovery phase. The recovery phase can’t officially start until there is no more lingering crisis.


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